First Aid at Camp

Living, playing and working outdoors necessarily exposes campers to environmental hazards. Ticks and poison ivy are two such hazards at Valley Mill. Our principle defenses are education and protection. We ask for parental assistance in this.
1) Ticks: 
Since Valley Mill is mostly wooded, it is important to protect campers from tick bites.  We urge parents to examine their children every evening. If a tick is found and is not attached to the skin, it can be removed with tweezers or tissues. If attached, grasp firmly with tweezers, pull straight out, and apply antiseptic to the bite. Look in the creases and folds of the body, in and behind ears, and through the hair.
The ticks we usually see at Valley Mill Camp are called wood ticks. The ticks that carry Lyme’s Disease are called deer ticks. They are very tiny, they can be the size of a pencil dot. Since Lyme’s Disease has been reported in Maryland, we have begun a prevention program that has been proven successful in Connecticut.
Since 1995 we have spread tubes of cotton balls treated with insecticide over the property. Mice take this material to their nest. The insecticide is harmless to mice but will kill any deer tick at the beginning of their cycle. We will continue this annual treatment and provide you with the latest information.
2) Poison Ivy:
Poison Ivy is another hazard at camp for some children. We begin with an education program of teaching campers to identify and avoid contact with the plant. The toxin in poison ivy is an oil. The reaction is an itchy rash with clear blisters that usually appears 2-5 days after contact. The poison ivy reaction can be
reduced if campers immediately wash the exposed skin with (non oily) soap and water to remove the oil. Treatments include: applying cool compresses to affected parts, calamine lotion or cortisone cream may be used to relieve mild itching, a doctor may prescribe on oral medication if the reaction is more severe.
The oil from poison ivy can remain active on clothing and footwear as long as a year.